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5.Advantage of Rubber Track Vehicle(SUV.Truck

Tracked vehicles offer huge advantages over wheeled vehicles, in terms of low ground pressures, and excellent traction.

Now JCI Tracks extends those advantages to standard four-wheel-drive vehicles, with a set of four rubber track assemblies, which simply bolt on to the hubs in place of the road-wheels! In the time that it takes to change all four wheels, the truck can be transformed into a high-mobility tracked vehicle, ideal for traversing snow, mud, sand, peat, etc.

Versatility is what makes this innovation so attractive - JCI Tracks can be fitted to any suitable vehicle in your fleet without any modification required.

Perhaps a remote, snowbound installation requires an emergency repair using a boom-lift? A set of four JCI Tracks can be fitted to the appropriate vehicle, on-site, in around 30 minutes. No special tools or expertise required.

Or maybe your environmentally sensitive project site requires that you minimise damage to the ground and vegetation? Fitting JCI Tracks to the site vehicles will give you all the mobility you require to work efficiently, while reducing average ground pressure to less than 20kPa* (3psi). This is less than the pressure exerted by a person walking!

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